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How do I add an item to my inventory/sack?

set inv/1/items "an item name" 85
        |            |          |
        |            |          |--> optional item level cap
        |            |
        |            |--> new item name
        |--> First sack (but considered "second inventory")

This will generate the item you named and place it into the first inventory sack. The command usually generates an item with affixes that's of the highest possible potency. This means it's very likely it will generate an item that your character may not be able to use. However, you can ask the editor to cap the required level of the generated of an item to a specific level, as is done in this example. This makes it so the editor will generate an item suitable for a character of level 85.


If the inventory/sack you specified doesn't have the space to hold the item, the editor will complain loudly. You might want to try another sack then.

How do I change the stack count on an item?

You'll have to know exactly where that item is to change the stack count. You may want to look through your inventory with the 'show' command like so:

show inv/1/items

After you've located the item you want to alter, do:

set inv/1/items/0/count 99
        |       |       |
        |       |       |--> new item stack count
        |       |
        |       |--> First item
        |--> First sack (but considered "second inventory")

How do I respec my character?

You want the "respec" command!

It's as simple as running:


How to I change my faction alignment?

To see your faction values:

show faction-values

To set them:

set faction-values/<faction index>/faction-value <new faction value here>

where the faction index is a number from 0-21. The "show" command should have shown you which faction corresponds to which index.

How do I revive my hardcore character?

Set your death-count back to 0 using:

set death-count 0

How do I change my character name?

set character-name <new character name>

After this, just use the "w" command to write out your character file and complete the rename.

set character-name Thor changes your character name to Thor.

set character-name "God of Thunder" changes your character name to a fancy name that includes spaces!


I have not tested if there is a limit to the length of the name. If you find that your new character name crashes the game... Well, make it shorter? =)

How do I make a copy of my character?

write <new character name> will make a copy of your character with a different name.

Be sure to restart steam (if you're using steam and cloud saves) to have the new character be recognized.

How do I revive my hardcore mode character?

The game tracks how many times your character has died. For hardcore mode characters, once this number becomes 1, the game will not let you load up the character anymore.

This also means you can revive your character by having your save file report "this character has never died" with this command:

set death-count 0

How do I change choices I've made in a quest?

Unfortunately, this editor is not able to do anything regarding your quest progress or choices.

Your quest progress lives in a "quest.gdd" file in your character's save directory on a per-"world" and per-difficulty basis. The editor simply does not understand the file and its contents.

Can I edit the stats of item in my inventory?

This isn't possible due to the way GD deals with items and their variations. An item doesn't record any of the stats it has. Instead, it references 1 or more records from the game's database file. The database records themselves store the exact stat and/or ranges.

As seen in the game, an item consists of a "base item" with additional effects that may come from a "prefix" and/or a "suffix". This is exactly how an item is stored in the character file also.

An item is stored as a reference to a "base item" db record, "prefix" db record, and "suffix" db record. When the game runs, it presumably grabs all the interesting fields from these records and figures out the final combined stats for the item. Variations to the stats are provided by adding a bit of randomness into each of the stats. The "randomness" is recorded as a "random-seed" field with the item.

Since an item consists of (roughly) a "base item", "prefix", "suffix", and a "random seed". There is no room to simply tweak an item by, for example, adding +100 melee damage directly onto an item. It is possible to generate variations of the same item by tweaking the random seed on an item, though it's not clear how a changed random seed might affect the item.

Can the editor help find the "best version" of an item by trying different random seeds?

The short answer is no.

Due to the sheer number of possible random seeds, exhaustively trying every possible value is impractical. An item's seed is stored internally as a 32 bit integer, giving it roughly 4 billion (2^32) item variations.

If we can manage to get the editor to perform the exact calculations the game does to derive the final stats of an item, given a seed, AND the editor is running on a decently fast computer that can look through each variation in about 1ms, it will still take roughly

(2^32 / 1000ms/sec / 60sec/min / 60min/hour / 24hr/day / 30day/month)
=> 1.65 months

to locate the "best variation".

There are various other issues like having to replicate the exact logic and RNG to derive an item's exact stats in the first place. There is also the fact that "best stats" is subjective/relative to a character build.

Practically, if you really really really cared about getting a "good" version of an item, you might want to try a few different seeds just to make sure you didn't get one of the worst rolls. But beyond that, your time is probably better spent enjoying the game. =)